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… a true Luthier standard

  Today the market is overrun with so called “Luthiers / Builders” – quick to source a neck and body, spray a mediocre finish and then promptly proceed to “relic” the assembled product in hopes of concealing their amateur attempt at guitar finishing. Indeed they very well may mask the shoddy fit and finish, unfortunately though; the end product is hardly a replica of an old guitar; but more like a parody of a vintage instrument. The truth needs to be told- Mario Martin has mastered the art of not only hand crafting and realistically aging the T-style, but also about half a dozen other beloved models in addition to his proprietary designs as well. Void is his ...

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Cliff Cultreri (Destroy All Guitars) standard

“Mario Martin is making some of the finest T & S style guitars to ever grace our planet and it has got us wondering what to do to wake everyone up to that fact… I personally play Mario Martin T and S style guitars. Whoever buys one is in for a treat beyond their wildest imagination and I guarantee it will provoke you to start thinning your herd and buying another Mario or two. I’m so confident that I’m willing to stand behind it and offer a full refund less freight for anyone wise enough to step up and make the smartest purchase of their guitar buying history.” – Cliff Cultreri (Destroy All ...

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