This guitar is AMAZING! I’m loving it man. Thanks again for building it for me. Can’t wait to debut it tonight in Salt Lake City.  Send my thanks to the team/family.

-John Osborne, The Brothers Osborne

Just wanted to let you know I just purchased one of your ‘El Chupacabra’ guitars with matching headstock. I really like it and wanted to commend you for the good work you do. I’m a collector and VERY picky about the many instruments I play and collect. Thanks for producing wonderful instruments.

-Dr. Stephen M.

Thanks very much it is a great sounding, resonant guitar. Love the blue color and the maple neck is very comfortable and light. Just finished playing it for 2 hours! Thanks again, it was worth the wait!

-Dick H.

I just received the MM T-Style guitar. Wow! So light and so resonant and I think the most comfortable neck I have ever played. Absolutely beautiful too! Funny, but immediately thought now I need a Mario S like this too! Showed it to a couple of players I work with when it arrived and they had the same reaction – basically, wow, this thing is ridiculous. Particularly like the bridge pickup, cutting but not an ice pick. Also really like having the both pickups in series option in addition to the normal 3 T Style options. Finally, +1 for a heel truss rod that adjusts without taking the neck off.

-Reuben R.

I have finally received my new guitar and I absolutely LOVE it!! It is beautiful sounding and so amazing to play. The neck is perfect for me, and the finish on the guitar is so unique looking. I also love the Lollar pickups, I have never played these before. I am also very blown away by how light the guitar is, I think I remember your Facebook post saying it was around 6.8 pounds and alder. Please tell me how you found such a light body, and what kind of a tonal difference you notice with extremely light alder S-Style bodies? I am really curious, I have never in my life played a S-Style this light before.  I am just in Orlando now, have a show at the Hard Rock Live tomorrow night and have my guitar with me to play. I can’t wait to use it on a show. Again I am very grateful for all of your time making this amazing instrument. Thanks so much 🙂


I purchased one of your T guitars new from Morgan Guitars last week. Beyond a doubt the best guitar I’ve ever held and played man!!!!! You create works of art!! This T style guitar is an absolute work of art. Thank you, sir!!

-Gavin M.

You built me the Jazz-Style guitar in late November and I absolutely love it! It has all the features I wanted and the Paulownia wood is amazing! I think it weighs around 5.5 to 6 pounds – which is a lot lighter than my other Gibsons and Fenders. I am amazed at the tone and how it plays. I couldn’t be happier with your work.
Love the guitar, love the weight, love the look! I’m telling all my guitar playing friends to go to your Facebook page and website to look at what you have to offer.

-Jon B.

Well I finally got my Mario Guitar one week ago with the “C” neck. Quite possibly the
greatest current ‘F’ style made…no BS!  It’s just a great guitar….and it’s MINE!

-Curtis J.

Just purchased a 3 tone with rosewood neck from Cliff at Destroy All Guitars. Played it 3 hours this morning… Simply amazing sounding guitar!!!!! Thanks for your wonderful craftsmanship!!!

-Mike F.

Picked up T-Style #115116 on Saturday.  I now truly understand what all the fuss is about. “Killen” (that’s her new name), is one fine guitar!  You should have seen the looks on the bands faces as I used a T-Style for the first time at rehearsal.  Disbelief to start, after 3 hours of noise making I was informed that I should use her full-time! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in producing this gem!

-Brian B.

Your relic T styles are to die for! So what is your technique for getting the stress cracks in your finish? Very nicely done and extremely believable. Probably the best I’ve seen. Oh and the nicks are artwork!

-Brent G.

For T-Styles, there is no one you guys compete with. Awesome! The best! It is unbelievable how you guys finish a guitar!!!!!!!
-Ken. C.

I gotta know.. how did you simulate the temperature “checking? All the other builders guitars look like the used a compressed air spray can, and the checking is all uneven “spider webbing.” Mario, your finish checking looks REAL!!! Best damn T-style guitars out there!

-Mark D.

Mario Martin is making some of the finest T & S style guitars to ever grace our planet and it has got us wondering what to do to wake everyone up to that fact…
I personally play Mario Martin T and S style guitars. Whoever buys one is in for a treat beyond their wildest imagination and I guarantee it will provoke you to start thinning your herd and buying another Mario or two. I’m so confident that I’m willing to stand behind it and offer a full refund less freight for anyone wise enough to step up and make the smartest purchase of their guitar buying history. 


– Cliff Cultreri (Destroy All Guitars)

Today was the 1st time in I’m not sure how long many years that I could play guitar for over an hour without no pain in my legs or hip joint, and while I can play my Knaggs guitar, this one is easier to play…

The T is more comfortable to play and an almost unlimited number of tone I can get out of it, plus it looks great!! From the paint job and chrome on the front, to the Guitar Gimp logo and beautiful natural back with no paint it is just beautiful ax as my guitar teacher said today. Hopefully one day I can play it and make it sound as good as it looks.

…being able to put my guitar in my lap and just enjoy playing for over an hour without any discomfort from the weight or the size of the guitar to make up for the weight is something I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get to do again after the metal on metal recalled hip replacement. Being able to do that with any guitar let alone this amazing sounding and looking guitar means more than I can say, so thank you and Mario very much.

-Travis H.

I have the extreme pleasure and honor to have Mario Martin and his amazing team of artisan’s create a one of a kind custom guitar for me. The attention to detail, the painstaking process, the selection of woods and materials and the genuine desire to make something very special sets them apart from all others.


I had the opportunity to meet the team at the Guitar Mill factory. They could not be nicer, more down to earth people. If you ever get the chance to see a real custom shop, I highly recommend the trip. Say hello to their lovable mascot Finley. Thank you to Mario, Shannon, Jack, Ryan and the rest of the crew at the Guitar Mill.


-Peter S. 

I had been searching for the perfect T-Style guitar for a long time. After endless hours on the internet, I discovered your brand. Since I live in Switzerland, there was no chance to try out one of your guitars. Now I ordered a Model-T at Amelia Island and hoped it would fit!

Yesterday I had band session and your guitar was in use for the first time. Wow – what a playing feeling and what a sound! I was totally excited. So I wanted to get in touch with you personally and say thank you. You really build unbelievable great instruments. I am thrilled. It is so inspiring. Thanks for that!

Maybe in the new year there will be a direct order from you. Let’s see what the family budget allows!

-Roland B., Switzerland


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