Our Flagship. Our Brainchild.


The Serpentine was the first original model designed and hand-crafted by Mario Martin. This proprietary offset looks and feels vintage-familiar, but with a deceptive originality.  The new Serpentine has a featherweight body, 24 3/4” scale length and curvy offset waist.  The Serpentine is built to be nimble without compromising tone or playability. This beast uses the tone power of Lollar Pickups Mini-Humbuckers or the T.V. Jones Powertrons; the Serpentine is available in a 1 or 2 pickup version.

This may be our signature model, but feel free to take liberty with the options.  Make it as custom as you want, or have us build you an original. Either way, you are guaranteed to taste the forbidden fruit of tone!


Design yours today — just the way you want it!

Older Serpentine Demos: